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Geothermal, The Natural Solution


Heat And Cool Your Home For As Little As $1 A Day.


Geothermal systems are good on the environment, and great for your budget

Use the earth’s natural stored energy under your home to save on energy, reduce noise and eliminate greenhouse gases.

A geothermal system pays for itself faster

  • They use far less energy (e.g., heating and cooling costs for a typical 2,000 sq. ft. home can be as low as $1 a day**).
  • They last on average 20% longer than conventional systems.
  • Their maintenance costs are significantly lower.

Our Earth absorbs solar energy and keeps it at a constant temperature. Geothermal or Ground Source heating and air conditioning uses the consistant, natural temperature from the ground to heat and cool your home’s air. Making use of the constant ground temperature and a geothermal heat pump, water is circulated through tubing buried under ground. As the water circulates underground, it absorbs the thermal ground heat of the Earth, which is then used to heat and cool the home.

The advantage of geothermal heating is that more heat can be generated from the ground source than with an electric or gas only furnace. Heating and cooling via geothermal is therefore a more natural and sustainable method, and could be considered the ultimate in Hybrid heating and cooling technology.

The result is lower energy bills, since the majority of energy being used to heat and cool the home is naturally occurring through the use of the Earth's energy. While geothermal heating and cooling is not available everywhere, but may be an ideal solution for some homeowners.

*Potential savings may vary.
**http://www. geo-exchange.ca/en/geoexchange_general_questions_faq2.php.