Service Experts Heating & Air Conditioning Reviews

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4.6/5 stars based on 456,846 Reviews
marilyn S.
edmonton, alberta
katherine H.
columbus, ohio
"Great service!"
douglas craigen C.
winnipeg, manitoba
"Arrived on time. Serviced our air conditioner and furnace. Friendly and helpful."
phil K.
beavercreek, ohio
"I was charged $298 for a $20 part. Service agent lied telling me it would be $400 if I bought it and because of his wholesale membership he would pay $350 but he would try to get it cheaper for me. Took him 10min to find a way to bill me $298 as a level 1 warranty part instead of the $20 capacitor he replaced. Called the office and a supervisor has not gotten back with me. I will be going to the office and cancelling the contract within the 3 working day period. I expect a contact and my reimbursement within 10 working days or Service Experts will be notified."
alice D.
richmond, virginia
"I called Friday around 5 pm to request service for my malfunctioning air conditioning unit - AC blowing hot air and temp inside the house was rising. Shortly after my initial call the service technician called to let me know he was on the way. He arrived at my home a short time later. The service technician was polite and efficient. I explained that this was the third time this problem had occurred and the last service technician, Jonathan, had indicated a problem with a sticking switch in the outdoor unit. The service technician seemed to be thorough in checking to determine the problem with the air conditioning. He explained that the AC was blowing hot air because a switch in the outdoor unit was stuck. (By this time the indoor temp was close to 90 degrees.) He explained that he had taped the switch to the correct position and the AC was blowing cool air. He did not have a new switch on his truck and the switch was not available as it was after closing time on Friday evening. He indicated someone from Eveready will call me Monday 06/05/2023. He requested payment for the service visit, which I paid. My reason for rating satisfaction with service as 9 is that this heat pump unit has not functioned properly since it was installed (not sure if this is due to faulty Lennox equipment or faulty installation/service of this equipment). I would rate Brian's service call as 10. (I have been a long time customer with Eveready. The service provided - or rather not provided/available in December 2022 and the recurring problem with the AC blowing hot air and when in heat mode the auxiliary heat constantly on - has left me with a very unfavorable impression of this company.) I will continue to use Eveready for the next year as I have a service contract on the Lennox heat pump."
mike B.
lexington, south carolina
"i called yesterday morning with a question/issue with the high humidity in my home that I have been experiencing for the past several weeks. I was thinking that a short conversation with a technician might be sufficient. I was pleasantly surprised by being told that a tech was available that afternoon and would be arriving soon. The tech, Mr. Lybrand made some adjustments to the fan speed in the air handler and checked the pressures in the outside unit. He knew his business, explained the situation in language I could understand and promised to follow up. I couldn't be more pleased."
tom H.
spruce grove, alberta
"Kyle did a great cleaning of the HRU, checking over the furnace including advice on humidifier and replacement of the hot water vent pipe. He tested the AC and advised us the rattling noise from the Lennox unit is a problem that Lennox has not resolved today. At the time of purchase we were NOT informed of this noise issue and are greatly disappointed with the noise created by the unit. By placing a tie down strap over the unit after Kyle's inspection much of the rattling noise was dampened. The tie down is a marketing indication of the product quality"
heather W.
glen allen, virginia
"We got a second opinion that made a lot more sense..... And that also found our UV light bulb had never been replaced by Service Experts even though we paid for a replacement a couple years ago. Apparently the team that came out failed to notice that....."
howard C.
west st paul, manitoba
albert S.
cohoes, new york
"Work was completed as expected for the price quoted"
linda K.
winnipeg, manitoba
"Service tech was very helpful attaching garden hose to the water tap."
luzette Y.
hammonton, new jersey
sam J.
ft wayne, indiana
"had to find a fitting to connect gas line which you did not have. After about three hours of searching I finally got one and completed the job."
mr. R.
windsor, ontario
"Great service and very courteous - thanks!"
kent K.
south bend, indiana
"very professional"
muhammad J.
calgary, alberta
"Phenomenal service"
skip S.
mableton, georgia
"Robert, Dalton and Flint did am excellent job with our installation of a new A/C system and a complete redo of our attic ductwork. It was an all day job for them, they were diligent in getting the job done right They started at 9:00am and didn't finish until close to 8:00pm."
lisa P.
pierre, south dakota
"Roman was very polite on phone calls. Secured ac/cover. Performed excellent maintenance on ac unit. Thank you."
angela W.
fort worth, texas
"Bryan was a great technician and a great help! I sincerely thank him and your company for fixing my AC system!"
joel P.
round rock, texas
"Fast response, fast operation, polite and easy to communicate."
lynn K.
south bend, indiana
"Great price, excellent response to request for estimate, install on date of our request, nice technicians to perform install, great overall service"
james H.
dallas, texas
"Good service advice. Parts and labor needed for replacing defective ones not available.immediately through no fault of technician."
howard K.
greenfield center, new york
juvenal G.
champaign, illinois
"Very transparent feedback about what was needed to be repaired"
stacey S.
decatur, georgia
"I feel the co tried to take advantage of an unsuspecting customer. Quoted me well over $300 to change a $15-18 capacitor that would have taken him less than 5 min to do. Unbelievable."
robert H.
alpharetta, georgia
"Kwame is one of the best technicians. He's personable and keeps me informed."
skip S.
jacksonville, florida
"they arrived in a timely manner. They preformed the work and were vey professional."
robert C.
jupiter, florida
"The tech was thorough and answered all my questions."
marvin J.
olive branch, mississippi
"Great service. On time."
steve V.
winnipeg, manitoba
harry B.
richmond, virginia
"John and friend did a top notch professional job"
paula and steve T.
pottstown, pennsylvania
"Phoned Friday night at 5:40 and received a live person within 2 telephone rings and was successful in booking service the NEXT DAY, Saturday morning. During the hottest day of the year! June 3, 2023. Woo Hoo!"
tammy Z.
melbourne, florida
"From sales to installation I have never had such a level of professionalism with any company I have dealt with in the past. James did a phenomenal job explaining everything to me about the system I was purchasing and telling me about the advantage plan which I have to say is the best deal out there. The installers were very professional and cleaned up everything and were very respectful of my home."
john P.
ballston spa, new york
"Love your service and staff."
patrick S.
rensselaer, new york
gayle M.
calgary, alberta
norlan T.
miami, florida
"The technician was gracious and friendly. In addition, he was prompt to arrive. Wait time was satisfactory."
judy T.
calgary, alberta
david W.
indian head, maryland
"Service appointment scheduled for 8 to 10 AM Sunday. Come 1057 AM, finally received call from tech advising me mechanical failure to his vehicle late Saturday afternoon? Why not another vehicle assigned? Why late phone call. Now next appointment??? Late Tuesday afternoon."
jerry S.
fort wayne, indiana
"There was a definite lack of communication. Even though I continued to tell them to use my phone number, they kept calling my husband in the hospital. The guy couldnt fix the problem on Saturday, so he said a smaller guy would be back on Tuesday so he could get in the crawl space. They didnt come until Thursday. We had to stay in a hotel for 4 nights, which was very expensive."
susan M.
richmond, virginia
"Aymari was very professional and polite"
sue O.
leo, indiana
"Courteous and caring. Showed up when he said he would and did a great job."
rick B.
calgary, alberta
"Furnace filter dropped off as promised"
bernice J.
calgary, alberta
"Very friendly tech, took time to explain & answer questions!"
howard C.
delray beach, florida
"Called Sunday morning and 3 hrs later your technician was here and diagnosed the problem and made the repair!"
dave G.
edmonton, alberta
"Our a/c was not working. On May 9/23 a technician came to our house to assess the unit. He was unable to fix it and said that he needed to schedule a different technician. On May 26/23, the 2nd tech along with a sales person came to our house. Before assessing the repair, the salesman and technician went straight into selling us another unit. At this point we had no idea what was wrong with our unit and whether or not it could be fixed. The tech and salesman proceeded to tell us it would cost $625 to do a leak test and potential repair costs ranging from $2300 to replacing the complete unit at astronomical costs. The leak test was done and took 15 minutes , only for him to tell me that there was a leak somewhere in the evaporator; without pinpointing the exact location of the leak. The technician promised to send a quote for the various repair options, which I haven't received. Nor have I received a receipt for the $656.25 that was charged to my credit card, which I feel was a gross over charge."
jim N.
nashville, tennessee
"Technician did not call and did not arrive April 25"
marsha L.
south jordan, utah
michael S.
birmingham, alabama
"Timeliness of response, quick diagnosis, pleasant technicians"
gloria M.
atlanta, georgia
cathy R.
columbus, ohio
"You never provided any service! You were a NO SHOW! In 90 degree temperatures, we called you on 6/2/23 at 5:00 to tell you our A/C was not working correctly. You told us someone would be here "tomorrow" 6/3/23 between 4:00-8:00. On 6/3/23, We sat here in the heat from 4:00-7:30 waiting for someone. At 7:30 WE called YOU! Diego answered and said we were scheduled for 6/4/23 between 4:00-8:00! When I corrected him and told him we were told 6/3/23 and we had been sitting here all evening waiting on someone, he said, "Well, it was rescheduled." NO ONE in your company could bother to call us and tell us that?!?!?! Seriously?! You just leaving us sitting here in the heat, waiting. You company was a NO SHOW! Diego was not apologetic at all. He appeared to totally care less. He said they were now rescheduled for 6/4/23 between 4:00-8:00. On 6/4/23 at 11:30 a technician called and said he was on his way! (How would you even expect us to be home when that isn't even the time Diego said!?). Again, horrible communication! I called him back and told him we already had another company come when they said they would and fix our problem. That is customer service. This is NOT the first time Stevenson completely did not communicate about their schedule! It is unfortunate because I have used Stevenson for years (and even recommended you) because everyone has always been so kind (except for Diego) and I trust the technicians. But now you have lost a customer simply because of your lack of communication. It's horrible and we cannot spend any more time wondering if or when you will show up."
richard M.
villa hills, kentucky
bob S.
urbana, illinois
"I could not always understand your operative but he seemed knowledgeable and appears to have done everything he was supposed to do."
robyn J.
farr west, utah
corinne W.
goshen, indiana
"He was prompt to arrive after water leak occured, left right away for parts needed from original install there was a slit in the hose which caused the leak when we first started to use our new A/C. He replaced hose immediately and was polite and informative."
mary S.
prairie village, kansas
"The guys were great and so friendly."
lorri I.
pompey, new york
"Did not receive a written or printed or emailed estimate."
patricia M.
windsor, ontario
"Have always gotten prompt service"
jesse C.
sandston, virginia
"Friendly and showed up on time"
brittany W.
lithia springs, georgia
rosemarie B.
edmonton, alberta
"She was very helpful, explained use of thermostat, checked the furnace and A/C. Hosed the A/C outside. Has already made an appointment for me in 2024 to check the furnace and A/C again. I have been a McKinley customer for a very long time !"
christine F.
calgary, alberta
"Very pleasant , He has been to my house a few time and service has been good."
mel P.
nashville, tennessee
"Nobody came to do the services"
andy G.
edmonton, alberta
"Tec was on time , polite , knowledgeable and did his work quickly and professionally."
matilda V.
edmonton, alberta
ted M.
eden, utah
"Workers were knowledgeable and congenial."
susan S.
west chester, pennsylvania
"Michael was courteous and explained everything he was doing and what we needed to do to maintain our unit"
jennifer P.
richmond, virginia
"Alex had been here before and was able to determine the issue within 10 seconds. It was an issue that he had corrected previously, so he was able to solve it again in 10 minutes without charge."
robert T.
arlington, texas
"Marco gave my A/C system the best check up and cleaning of anyone before him."
gary P.
dayton, ohio
"No one called or showed up"
alfred E.
benbrook, texas
"Yall were here fast!!"
allan C.
san antonio, texas
janet B.
wynantskill, new york
"I have always been pleased with the service technicians from RJD. The technician that was here was very pleasant, respectful and knowledgeable. I have had concerns with the customer service department when they advised me that I needed a brand new furnace serviced and then my interaction with them when I found out that there was a lien put on my house because of the Advantage Plan. I have since paid off the Advantage Plan (now have Maintenance Plus) and RJD needs to be clear with customers about this lien. I found out when I applied for a home equity loan. It is the customer service and lien issue that makes me uncertain about continuing with RJD and why some of the ratings are where they are, not the servicing."
frances A.
saratoga springs, new york
felicia B.
ellenwood, georgia
"Technician was very knowledgeable"
jerry C.
parker, colorado
"Dustin was fantastic. He was courteous, very thorough and totally professional. He was, without a doubt, the best technician that we have had from Service Experts. Your company provides excellent service but Dustin excelled way beyond others we have had."
larry L.
raleigh, north carolina
"Fast response, very personable technician."
eddie M.
chicago, illinois
"The dispatcher didnt listen to my request at all. The tech could not perform the service because dispatch was not qualified to take the call."
marie B.
provo, utah
marty W.
san antonio, texas
patrick W.
hackettstown, new jersey
"Professional and knowledgeable"
mark Z.
granger, indiana
"great job"
christine C.
delmar, new york
andre G.
edmonton, alberta
linda E.
aylett, virginia
"Same day response, quick fix, friendly and experienced staff"
sarah K.
champaign, illinois
"The guys worked so long and hard to make sure our air was up and running! They overcame the unexpected obstacles and did it with awesome attitudes!"
robert G.
albany, new york
"Technician very helpful. However it took two days and two calls for someone to come"
bruce H.
nashville, tennessee
"Were going to cancel our maintenance plan. They didnt fix the unit. Told us it was out of freon and they didnt have R22 to charge it. Didnt try to find the leak either. Only interested in replacing the unit."
janette M.
sherwood park, alberta
"Everything was done on time in a very respectful way. Job area was cleaned up. Very professional."
cedric B.
mobile, alabama
"Technician was very professional and knowledgeable"
bill B.
cape may, new jersey
"Tech did a great job. I was extremely frustrated that the UV bulbs that are not even a year old were not warrantied and that he rewired how they were done to avoid them burning out so fast. Should have been covered."
julia R.
waynesville, ohio
"He was thorough."
lisa Y.
mesquite, texas
"Put in a new unit now it leaks"
john W.
sparta, new jersey
"Joe did a good job"
jeffrey J.
charlotte, north carolina
"Both men were professional, explained the install porcess and were very effeciant in their work."
deborah W.
albany, new york
"On time pleasant demeanor and thorough job"
bill C.
norman, oklahoma
"Jennifer was all I could ask for in knowledge, expertise, and personable. I was highly impressed with her and will use Gordon's in the future because of her handling of the situation."
gerald f.
west chester, pennsylvania
"Telephone issues on Saturday when I called in. Once connected everything when smoothly. Technician on time and knew what he was doing."
jason C.
roy, utah
rajkiran G.
cumming, georgia
"The AC was not working after the service was done, as we r not there in home we could not make it out that night after tech left and when we r back tonight the whole house is really hot like fire ball and super hot with no AC not working"
toshiana J.
irving, texas
"Ivan was very sweet and informative. Great customer service"
david C.
hoover, alabama
"Quick response and very quick resolve to the problem."
katie M.
pleasant hill, ohio
"There are only two technicians that are familiar with geothermal, and Im pretty sure I have the one with the most experience He figured out the problem quickly, but did not have the available parts to fix the problem."
luigi T.
auburn, new york
"The tech person arrived at 3pm when my appointment was scheduled between 12-2pm"
tim M.
kansas city, missouri
jason R.
springfield, ohio
"Quick and easy"
rob V.
windsor , ontario
"Arrive right on time, courteous and professional, fast and cleaned up!"
cheryl N.
winnipeg, manitoba
"Although response time was great my issue was not able to be resolved in a timely manner due to unavailable parts. 6 days and my ac is still broken and waiting for parts. No eta given when I called for update."
kim I.
sherborn, massachusetts
"Parker and his assistants are the very Best!! I never worry when they are in our home."
dietrich K.
germantown, tennessee
"Arrived early for appointment and located the problem quickly and made the repair."
gerald M.
edmonton, alberta
"like his honest response to my question"
donna M.
mobile, alabama
"Donnie came to my residence and quickly diagnosed the problem and corrected it."
catherine P.
miami, florida
"Someone responded within 30 minutes of my call. And I was alerted that the serviceman was en route."
thomas C.
ballston spa, new york
"Joseph was pleasant, professional and knowledgeable. We would like him to be the technician who comes to our home in the future."
peg S.
schenectady, new york
"Both gentlemen were knowledgeable and polite."
james M.
grand island, nebraska
"Very knowledgeable and cared"
sandra H.
west point, utah
"I was very happy with the help I received from the technicians."
nick N.
beaumont, alberta
john L.
calgary, alberta
"All A-1 Chesney people who work on my electrical problems are friendly, willing to listen. They know what is to be done to fix the problem. Leave the house clean, work is neat."
larry P.
pierre, south dakota
"Technician was very thorough and explained everything very well"
david R.
centennial, colorado
robin M.
ogden, utah
"All problem issues clearly identified and explained"
leigh K.
merritt island, florida
"I had service within 2 hours."
ron F.
dayton, ohio
amber G.
mahomet, illinois
"Bob was professional and explained everything. Nice guy, professional."
eileen D.
queensbury, new york
mary H.
austin, texas
john W.
midlothian, virginia
christophe P.
maineville, ohio
matt R.
indianapolis, indiana
gerald A.
calgary, alberta
robert W.
vinton, virginia
"Service men on time. Did good on checking out my Furnace & air condishner"
joyce T.
beavercreek, ohio
mitchell T.
marietta, georgia
charles P.
ocala, florida
"Alex was efficient, respectful and knowledgeable. He made recommendations concerning DIY maintenance."
anne b.
albany, new york
"Very personable, explained everything in detail. Very helpful"
sandra J.
edmonton, alberta
jane R.
niskayuna, new york
"The technician was very knowledgeable and very respectful. Highly recommend him."
william J.
meade, colorado
"Information I was unaware of in relation to A/C gas usage revealed to me. Would like to know if the Carrier manufacture will discount a replacement towards today's standards."
susan P.
west palm beach, florida
"service was professional, informative, timely.. excellent"
don S.
palm beach gardens, florida
lashanda L.
hutto, texas
"Polite, efficient, and explained what we needed to know."
jane M.
reynoldsburg, ohio
"Tanner and Shawn were courteous and very informative regarding my system. They arrived when they said they would and completed the AC check in a timely manner."
kelley M.
benton harbor, michigan
"Getting on the same day I called is great. Also when they got there they were pleasant and very informative, on what the issue was and what the solution would be."
dave C.
clifton park, new york
gary R.
boulder, colorado
"through job"
jp P.
winnipeg, manitoba
allen K.
cleveland, ohio
"Service has been good. Not happy with the outcome today. But Im glad to be able to get a new unit"
darrell T.
kansas city, missouri
"The service technician Moe was very good and courteous. He liste ed to my concerns with one of the parts that needed to be added and connected me with a supervisor who assisted with a resolution. I also appreciated the very prompt service call that arrived in justa few hours on a Friday night."
beverly P.
terry, mississippi
"The two Steves were fast and professional and diagnosed our problem quickly. They worked together very well."
jacqui G.
edmonton, alberta
jackie W.
winnipeg, manitoba
"After your technician visited I called our initial installer for our air conditioner and he fixed it and also told me the problem. Your technician did not he said I would need two compressors at 500$ each, in reality the unit was out of cooling fluid which should be detectable with a simple check. This technician fixed the problem and suggested that your technician was unfamiliar with air conditioning and should have stated this. Virtually all he told me was inaccurate. I think I should get e refund for this service call. If he didnt know the problem he could have said. FYI there is only one compressor in the unit."
jose M.
schenectady, new york
"Kevyn was very professional and did an excellent job!"
catherine C.
roswell, georgia
"He did a great job explained everything that he did"
catherine C.
roswell, georgia
"He did a great job explained everything that he did"
katie H.
plano, texas
"on time, good communication skills, service oriented, solution focused"
bill M.
centerville, ohio
"The service man was very well informed and shared information with us."
karole T.
kansas city, missouri
"Techs were very efficient."
terrence A.
jacksonville, florida
mr maluzynsky M.
winnipeg, manitoba
"The technician was punctual, polite and productive."
brian T.
brigantine, new jersey
robert T.
bedford, ohio
"Alonzo Hodge is very good at his craft."
amanda B.
lexington, south carolina
"Called for service and had same day service and helped to get my home cool fast. Technician was kind and courteous."
marilyn K.
florham park, new jersey
ernie P.
savoy, illinois
"They responded quickly"
michelle l.
niagara falls, new york
joyce W.
halfmoon, new york
"Our tech did a good job. When Miles left he called your office and spoke with someone in charge of ordering a part needed to be in compliance with code that person was supposed to contact us in order to set up an appt to deliver the part as we had to be here to let him in. We not only did not receive a call regarding this part, a second call by me to your office also was ignored. We have never before had a bad experience with your company. Please do not ignore this message and get back with us when you hopefully read our message on Monday."
shauna H.
danville, illinois
"He showed up, got straight to the point, did all that was needed to fix the ac and then helped me to understand why our ac went bad. Then gave me tips on how to prevent it. He did an amazing job and made me feel comfortable when he noticed me getting more worried about all that could be wrong with it. He was absolutely incredible."
kathy O.
longmont, colorado
"Called ahead to see if it was ok to come early. It was. I always appreciate the shoe covers."
marvin R.
overland park, kansas
"Your service man was very polite and efficient."
dan W.
roy, utah
richard B.
south bend, indiana
gregg M.
elkhart, indiana
debbie H.
midwest city, oklahoma
earnest F.
oxon hill, maryland
"Representative was very detail in providing cause of problem. A great Technician!"
diana M.
norcross, georgia
"Very friendly and knowledgable"
lenore S.
round rock, texas
"He was thorough and courteous."
juventino R.
hutto, texas
"Service was done at the scheduled time and done quickly. Service crew removed the old system, cleaned up and verified that the new system was up and running before leaving. Great crew and sales people! Thank you"
leona C.
sherwood park, alberta
john S.
tulsa, oklahoma
"He was quick, knowledgeable and checked out all the possibilities."
philip T.
bridgewater, new jersey
"James Canada was excellent customer service"
stephen E.
columbiana, alabama
"The technician, Derrick Taylor, was friendly, respectful of my property and thorough in his identification of the reason my system is failing to operate. He communicated very well as to what he found wrong and what he would do to correct the failure of the system."
marjorie V.
ashland, virginia
"We had a problem with the wire/fuse box. The two gentlemen solve the problem. They were polite, knowledgeable, and worked in a timely manner."
lynn C.
mobile, alabama
"Serviceman very efficient and pleasant."
neil R.
cambridge, new york
"Appointment yesterday for 4-6 never had a call think maybe you rescheduled?"
tim S.
chester, new jersey
"Listened, seemed knowledgeable, corrected unexpected emergency switch failure."
jackie B.
clifton park, new york
"many years of service and I have not had a problem"
bob S.
calgary, alberta
geri --sam is diseased. B.
oklahoma city, oklahoma
"They were friendly and charming. I'll see how they do on getting things installed. I'm hoping for the best."
pat L.
broken arrow, oklahoma
samantha H.
moore, oklahoma
"Very respectful, and thourough"
deborah F.
kennesaw, georgia
"excellent customer service"
rob E.
jacksonville beach, florida
"Friendly and informative."
charles A.
st. augustine, florida
richard M.
austin, texas
"Seemed a bit pricy but I'm not sure what competitive pricing is. I'm still watching for leaks."
dion S.
dayton, ohio
"Service technician came to the home without notifying that they were coming. So because no one was home over 18 he didnt provide any service nor attempted to contact me."
rosemary H.
maidstone, ontario
"Good service, pleasant staff"
leslie C.
atlanta, georgia
"Pleasant, thorough, took their time and showed me in person (not just photos) the issues with various parts of the unit. Knowledgeable explanations for each issue."
greg M.
winnipeg, manitoba
"Professional and courteous service"
tom S.
germantown, tennessee
"Seemed thorough"
harish P.
mount laurel township, new jersey
"Polit and very helpful"
joelle L.
winnipeg, manitoba
"Great service! Came quickly and fixed the issue right away."
coastal C.
stuart, florida
"Technician went to the wrong unit and charged us for service we did not need. We requested that the tech go to the unit where we have just spent $18,000 on two new units that ARE NOT OPERATING EFFECTIVELY and have already caused leaks, carpet stains and stress for our tenants - making us look like poor landlords all at the fault of the poor service we have been receiving."
paula M.
burnt hills, new york
"On time, very thorough and methodical and took the time to explain why and what he was doing. I took photos of potential problems to keep an eye on for the next follow up visit."
william B.
albany, new york
"Tech was informative, professional, and helpful."
charles U.
scott depot, west virginia
"He's great"
frances S.
saint augustine, florida
nadine M.
cohoes, new york
"Gave Deandrea a second chance, first was furnace check last winter whom left pipe dis-connected on ground to duct and had to have a service call and also asked to bring dirty filters up and didn't. This time maintenance for air conditioner. ? Do you rinse filters with hose outside or my kitchen sink? Then couldn't clean outside machine because hose didn't reach so now said it was clean all of a sudden. Don't they have an air compressor or something to do that? Don't send him here again or may be forced to change companies. Just like Brian J Silvia selling me air with heat pump I never wanted!"
colleen R.
champaign, illinois
"prompt, courteous, effective service"
golden A.
lindon, utah
"Quick. Response"
chuck M.
bartlett, tennessee
"Very prompt and courteous. Determined to find and correct the problem. Explained what to look for if it happened again."
donna K.
benbrook, texas
"They were extremely polite, efficient, and thorough."
ryan K.
fort wayne, indiana
"We had a service appointment scheduled for 8a-12p. The technician never showed up. When we called, we were only told that we were on the schedule and he was behind. I finally canceled the appointment around 7p. My wife lost a day of work waiting and we were never updated about the appointment unless we called into the office."
bob D.
villa hills, kentucky
"Guy was professional,responsive and helpful"
alexandria W.
waterford, new york
"seemed very professional and very helpful with information"
jan G.
winnipeg, manitoba
"Most thorough service ever provided"
diana M.
winnipeg, manitoba
"Very accommodating and efficient technician."
fiona F.
jenks, oklahoma
"DeAndre was AWESOME!"
cindy G.
champaign, illinois
"Very professional, respectful to my home and knowledgeable"
george H.
provo, utah
"Service technicians were professional and competent. They explained everything they were doing. Told us how to use the system"
audrey B.
richmond, virginia
"Technician was polite and communicative in the inspection"
erick A.
nashville, tennessee
aaron B.
riverside, ohio
leo D.
sugar grove, illinois
"You guys are always very clear and precise on information and answering questions. So easy to work with."
jeffrey J.
charlotte, north carolina
"Chris the technician provided the options available to us in a very detailed manner."
john M.
schenectady, new york
"Professional, courteous, answered my questions and asked about how the unit was running."
mike P.
troy, new york
"Great job. Very thorough."
howard R.
roy, utah
gregory B.
elgin, texas
"I Had to reschedule original appointment. Strand Bothers did so for the following day. Technician arrived earlier than expected. Identified issues with condensate drain line and performed required repairs. System inspected and cleaned. Totally satisfied. Looking forward to an error free summer cooling season."
ethel G.
richmond,, virginia
"tecks were very business like and nice."
mike c.
fort myers, florida
"The technician was informative through and we were pleases"
rob W.
austin, texas
trisha W.
orlando, florida
"The timeliness of the service was superb and Rashaad was fantastic. He was super friendly, very knowledgeable, explained everything to us and did a great job taking care of our AC issue."
lucy B.
roy, utah
"Very polite and took time to answer questions"
m/mgayle T.
midwest city, oklahoma
"The technician was very friendly and knowledgable. He exlaned what might happen to parts of our equipment, but was in no way high pressure."
david D.
deland, florida
"Kevin is very competent."
patsy W.
keller, texas
"This was the best tech weve ever had. He was so nice, polite, and took his time explaining what he was doing. He put covers on his shoes and was so respectful of our property. I will be asking for him in the future."
doug E.
berrien center, michigan
"Tech was very knowledgeable about equipment. Fast service."
robert E.
halfmoon, new york
"excellent job done."
a penny C.
delmar, new york
"Emanuel was professional , courteous and quite efficient. He is the first of your technicians to CLEAN our AC unit, inside and out !!!!"
jack C.
hernando, florida
"Jorge was great - explained things very well"
carl N.
jacksonville, florida
"Technician was very knowledgeable."
mandi P.
goshen, utah
elizabeth m.
austin, texas
"Did a good job inspecting everything. Then explained clearly what needed to be done."
geneva H.
edmond, oklahoma
"Efficient, friendly, knowledgeable and takes time to answer question."
doris J.
columbia, south carolina
doris J.
columbia, south carolina
rodney B.
jamesburg, new jersey
jeffrey D.
ponte vedra beach, florida
"Wally was on time, very professional and offered a simple straightforward solution to our problem."
john H.
xenia, ohio
"Timely and professional"
dana S.
overland park, kansas
"On time, courteous, thorough, answered my questions."
mark G.
burlington, new jersey
"Quick response, fixed right away, low cost."
roland C.
center barnstead, new hampshire
"Project planning process was professional, scheduling was flexible, all technicians on-site were professional, all our questions answered, completed project site was left tidy, and town inspector was complimentary when reviewing the completed project."
ralph K.
st joseph, illinois
"Very good experence"
elizabeth C.
davie, florida
julie M.
south weber, utah
"Caleb was friendly and courteous. He seemed knowledgeable and competent. He contacted me when he was on his way to my house and communicated what he was doing while here."
david V.
georgetown, texas
john M.
scotia, new york
"Tech was very sincere and honest."
nicholas A.
gloversville, new york
nanci N.
lebanon, new jersey
"Very professional, quality work and products"
guy S.
lasalle, ontario
"Neat and tidy. Came in, did the work on her own, communicated all necessary information and left. Very efficient"
jean Y.
boise, idaho
"was very informative----knew what he was doing"
abe F.
winnipeg, manitoba
carol E.
port tobacco, maryland
"I was very happy with this last visit. It took too many service calls before the problem was located. I was very impressed with Omar. He figured out the problem that several other technicians could not. He deserves a bonus."
jason T.
south glens falls, new york
"Happy with the service just can't believe they don't stock the part I needed. You would think they would stock parts for the products they sell. I have to wait until they order."
william M.
round rock, texas
"Techs were extremely professional, efficient, and caring. Terrific team!! They serviced to give us the best results. Appointment scheduler was flexible and vet accommodating."
john H.
ocala, florida
david T.
springtown, texas
"He broke our HVAC system and did not perform the tune up we asked for but focused on the home health report we didn't ask for."
susan J.
ballston lake, new york
larry C.
kettering, ohio
"My appointment was cancelled & I was upset & very disappointed in your service as I have been a long time client with a Platinum agreement. My time is just as valuable as yours!!!"
marilyn L.
ogden, utah
monica A.
downingtown, pennsylvania
"Very knowledgeable"
phillip M.
provo, utah
"Mourn showed up at the scheduled time. He did a quick and efficient job. He was very friendly and answered all my questions."
eugene B.
waldorf, maryland
"Great service"
janice G.
jupiter, florida
"Matt is professional, courteous, trustworthy and thorough."
mark A.
springboro, ohio
sherri H.
south bend, indiana
"Treigh was very knowledgeable and friendly. I enjoyed talking to him and the gentleman he was training. I think Treigh will go far in your company and is an asset to helping your company outperform the competitors."
heather M.
cicero, new york
"Very professional"
edward R.
manlius, new york
"While I was told they would be here at 8am, and arrived at 930, I understand these jobs can be complicated, and I was patient."
robert P.
manlius, new york
frank B.
rotterdam, new york
"Good servive"
james U.
batavia, illinois
james H.
boise, idaho
"Joshua & Gary went way beyond to help solve the very early failure we had with a 2.5yo Lennox AC unit which failed very prematurly !"
jonathan S.
elgin, illinois
tracy L.
nashville, tennessee
"The technician was prompt and courteous. I am disappointed that despite having regular check ups on the a/c unit the problem was not found in an earlier visit."
angela G.
louisville, kentucky
"Did very good job"
dustin C.
jones, oklahoma
"He was informative, polite and professional. Garrison was knowledgeable worked thoroughly."
kay B.
cairo, nebraska
"Great communication"
judy R.
alamo, california
"Timely, efficient, knowledgeable, reliable, trustworthy."
terry E.
huntsville, utah
"Jim Murphy does an excellent job. He is very knowledgeable, efficient, helpful and friendly."
stanley Y.
sewell, new jersey
"The individual was very professional."
douglas S.
denver, colorado
marilyn L.
morgan, utah
"I have used your Company for several years. Jim Murphy is very competent and I trust him completely to do a superb job."
robin T.
pleasanton, california
"The tech was good. I shared multiple times that the front of my house gets no air. No one can fix it so i canceled my contract"
gina K.
maylene, alabama
samantha E.
long valley, new jersey
"Worked efficiently and quickly"
christina K.
alton, new hampshire
"Service was accomplished quickly and efficiently. Technician was very careful of customers properly, very respectful."
susan R.
tulsa, oklahoma
"Ryan & Sam were wonderfulprompt, efficient & kept me well informed during installation (I might smell an odor of oil burning etc. & very polite"
ron B.
westminster, colorado
"Service was provided on time and Dustin appeared quite competent."
scott K.
fort wayne, indiana
"fixed the issue"
dennis L.
round rock, texas
alice M.
mobile, alabama
"The installation technicians were competent, friendly, and polite. The quality of the installation, piping runs, etc., were nicely done inside and outside."
branden A.
hutto, texas
"They have not contacted me other than the his email asking how the services that I havent received were. So the services I was not contacted about or received we poor very poor."
michael R.
columbia, south carolina
donna S.
branchburg, new jersey
"I am very pleased with Chad, but I am not pleased with Frais Air in general. Our unit has been leaking refrigerant for three years and only Chad has decided that its time to figure out why."
jaclyn C.
xenia, ohio
"Technician seemed knowledgeable and down to earth."
ken F.
bonita springs, florida
"Jason had diagnosed the problem(correctly)even before going up into the attic where the unit is located. In addition to being very competent, he has very good interpersonal skills and takes the time to explain the problem and what he is going to do to rectify it. Jason and Jimmy are the two technicians I always ask for when I need work to be done."
doreen I.
rensselaer, new york
"Tech was a 10! But when we call, we always remind you we need a ladder and for the most part one is never brought."
doreen I.
rensselaer, new york
"Tech was a 10! But when we call, we always remind you we need a ladder and for the most part one is never brought."
robert R.
san antonio, texas
"very good technician explained all the components functions and what areas need attention"
frank P.
broken arrow, oklahoma
judy B.
tulsa, oklahoma
"I was very satisfied with James Jenkins service. He spent the time necessary to check over my system, even checking the AC cooling coil, and gave me good feedback. I hadn't been satisfied with the service call prior to this, and so had asked for a second opinion. I was happy that the company did this with no extra charge."
sid/shelly H.
okotoks, alberta
"It took a long time and several service calls to resolve our issue but thanks to Collins dogged perseverance finally solved the problem. This was a very frustrating time with all the back and forth over this problem. THANK YOU COLLIN!"
ron B.
troy, new york
"Alex was very thorough, professional, answered any questions I had. Explained overall condition of a/c unit"
larry G.
cary, north carolina
"John did an excellent job in fixing the problem with the3 busted light under the house. Was very personable and knowledgeable. Need more workers like him."
colleen R.
calgary, alberta
"Very friendly explained everything very clearly"
jeremy L.
georgetown, texas
allison P.
nashville, tennessee
paula J.
geneva, illinois
nancy B.
fort myers, florida
"Octavious did a fantastic job. There is nowhere on the invoice to obtain the code for this survey."
dan D.
coppell, texas
"Outstanding CS"
carrie S.
benson, north carolina
"Mr John was very professional and went into great detail about the work we had done, explaining everything. And .. got the job done faster than first expected!"
richard C.
tolono, illinois
"I continually request that the tech calls Sandy's number when on the way. Even after confirming with Andrea on 6/1 that this would happen, as usual, it did not. What's it going to take, people?"
leroy J.
vicksburg, mississippi
"Very professional and thorough."
rich S.
campton hills, illinois
kathy S.
north hampton, new hampshire
"Joe is great and fixed the problem short term and will get it fixed long term finally."
gordon B.
cocoa, florida
"Damien was on time and thoroughly checked the a/c unit. Found a couple things that should be replaced but not an emergency. Didnt push me to get them as they are pricey."
ketki P.
milton, georgia
"rakesh was my technician. He was amazing and very professional. Great work"
judy B.
norman, oklahoma
"the original appt was not filled as the service consultant was still on his original job so Gordon's rescheduled me for 8-12 on June 2nd. Steven arrived about 8:20 am and was very knowledgeable and helpful!! TOP in help and knowing repairing the problem!!"
abe B.
rensselaer, new york
"No show, no call no notification. Waited all day for someone to come and eventually had to cancel visit prior to leaving for errands for the evening."
rima M.
boulder, colorado
"Richard is an excellent technician. He showed me the issues, explained everything to my satisfaction, and well exceeded my expectations in all areas. If you could Clone him I would recommend Service Experts to everyone!"
rick G.
granger, indiana
"He found the problem right away and fix it!"
linda D.
st albert, alberta
"Technician was knowledgeable and friendly"
crystal B.
columbia, south carolina
"Mr. Corder was very pleasant and professional. He took his time to explain the service to me and what was needed. He answered all of my questions to the best of his ability."
fay S.
saratoga springs, new york
jill Y.
west point, utah
"Rylie always does a thorough job. She is also very respectful and informative."
audrey B.
henrico, virginia
"Ever ready called me 9 minutes after the end of my four hour window and said I was misquoted. Instead of $129 my requested service is $419!!&&$! There was NOTHING said or done to mitigate everreadys MISTAKE. No discount offered. No apology."
steve S.
scotia, new york
richard V.
clifton park, new york
mr cercone C.
tecumseh, ontario
peggy S.
clayton, north carolina
fred D.
longmont, colorado
"You didn't attempt to understand why I needed help."
terry R.
lee's summit, missouri
"Ryan did a great job. He was professional, communicated effectively with me, and efficient in the work he did."
kenneth M.
dallas, texas
"because Alfredo Escobar is the BEST!!!!!"
donald H.
champaign, illinois
susan G.
albany, new york
"Fast, efficient, friendly. Careful to explain any equipment."
karen H.
indianapolis, indiana
"The tech was great ! Very polite and professional. Would give him a 10 but not happy with other things. Original service call tech never showed up. Had appt on 6/2 for 6 pm - 8pm. No one called me. Called at 7:30pm and was assured tech was running late but would come and nobody showed and no one called me. Have service contract with company. Did not like the way this was handled"
brad W.
bristol, indiana
bill L.
st albans, west virginia
"They did there best but couldn't get results"
kathleen B.
hillsborough, new jersey
"He is such an asset to your company I personally request him"
carline J.
windsor, ontario
"I learn so much , the technician was patient enough to answer all my questions."
okatie H.
okatie, south carolina
nancy H.
brentwood, california
"He was professional, knowledgeable and he came early lol"
randy T.
elkhart, indiana
"Honesty and integrity"
cathy B.
calgary, alberta
christal M.
arlington, texas
"This appointment got scheduled on the wrong day by your scheduler. I asked to have it changed & never received a response. Guy showed up today & I wasnt home. Of course, of no fault of his own. Scheduling made & error & did not correct."
ellies C.
edmonton, alberta
"See the one I completed. Thank you"
heather G.
arvada, colorado
"Aaron Krall was great. Very professional and efficient, and did a thorough job"
ellies C.
edmonton, alberta
"I have answered this survey last week. Any way Ryan was very good , helpful and answered my questions. The only thing he put the filter by the front door and never took it."
ruby R.
westminster, colorado
grace K.
round rock, texas
"Immediate response. Problem solved."
alex W.
elkhart, indiana
wendy G.
bedford heights, ohio
"Air conditioner outage, I have asthma, appreciate the team response and was glad it was a minor charge, done within an hour."
steve H.
edmonton, alberta
"The issue is not yet resolved as Brandon is awaiting a new Black Box to replace what was installed last summer."
lisa Y.
mesquite, texas
"I just payed over 7000 7 years ago for brand new unit and already having to replace it -that is just wrong I should only be charged half or less"
tyrone P.
flemington, new jersey
"Quick, Friendly, explained everything they were doing"
wayne J.
winnipeg, manitoba
"Technician was knowledgeable and efficient. Every year I ask to have Jose do our furnace and AC check."
cindy B.
caldwell, idaho
"Efficient, professional, explained details"
grigoriy D.
erie, colorado
"Fast and good."
rebecca B.
owasso, oklahoma
"He was verry professional, and knowledged."
lydia W.
richmond, virginia
jeffrey R.
round rock, texas
"Our technician Marco was very helpful, patient, and thorough with his service."
jacque N.
orem, utah
"Been with this service for many years and rely on their expertise. Todays service with Griffin was exceptional"
barry G.
charlotte, north carolina
john R.
latham, new york
"Company rep was very accommodating in setting up my appointment for the prepaid service air conditioning check."
katherine Z.
ocala, florida
"Service was timely all was good"
sam* W.
beaufort, south carolina
"Good professional service"